I’m not your stereotypical college student.

For some reason, every time I go home for the holidays, people assume I would change into a typical college student. Well it’s just too bad. I am so far from being a “typical” college student.

Most of my time consist of

  1. School
  2. Feeding myself and cleaning after myself *apartment style dorm*
  3. Keeping my long-distant relationship stable
  4. Keeping my relationships with my family close especially my sister who I talk about 1-2 hours every 2-3 days
  5. My relationship with my shows at a good and decent rate

Here are the very reasons why I don’t engage in typical college things:

  • I don’t like parties.
    • I didn’t go to my proms or homecomings at my high school.
  • I don’t like drinking. The smell is just awful. Plus, drunk people aren’t cute. They are actually quite annoying. Plus, I don’t trust college scene to drink. I only drink when I am around my boyfriend.
  • Drugs. There isn’t much to say. I just don’t want to associate myself to any of that.
  • Drama. College drama seems much more dramatic and just soemthing I don’t seem want to spend my life on.
  • College Guys…. I just don’t want to be surround around desperate guys, but I am not saying that all guys in college are like. There are guys in college I am close with who I love to death.
  • One-night stands are just gross and horrible for people. I mean have sex with whoever you want, but people should definitely practice safe sex.
  • Long Distance relationships and college doesn’t mix very well. I even did something horrible because of it.
  • I don’t think I have to change who I am or what I like to get the regular college life. I got so much more for being or attempting to be faithful to my boyfriend (like him taking me to parts of Italy and Paris).
  • I don’t see how anyone can be proud of doing all the things above to make college worth it.
  • Being myself and figuring out myself is the only thing I am interested in.

In entire life, espeically by watching a lot of tv, I was always told that college is an experience. College is an experience by how you want it. It NEVER has to be where you pratice underage drinking and illegal drugs. College can be safe and how you want it to be. If that means you want casual sex and underage drinking, then that is great for you. Yet, no one should tell someone else how they should do college. In fact, advising people what to do about their lives is never exactly something good. I am so happy in college mainly because I let no one tell me I should be a certain way in college. I think everyone needs to make their own college life. If someone wants to be like me who spends most of their time with love ones and school, then that’s great for them. If they want to go have sex with random people every night and wake up every weekend with hangovers, then go ahead. Just as long as you do you. You shouldn’t need to worry about anyone else opinions on what college should be like. I practice this in every aspect of my life, and that is why I can say I am not your stereotypical college student. I am introverted. I am pretty much alone a lot of the times, but I also feel like I am always surrounded by the ones I care about the most. I am loner and an outcast. I am proud to be different. I am proud that I don’t have to prove to anyone that I am “normal”. You should make your normal.

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