Yesterday’s(05-13-16) Check-In

Today Friday, May 13, 2016

I definitely feel like today is one of those days where I want to put everything back together. It seems like summer has started for everyone else but me. I am currently sitting in a house that is not my parents but my adopted Roanoke family. I housesit their home and watch over their dogs when they are away. It feels like home. For the last three days, I have been overthinking every aspect of my life, and that’s only because I am doing nothing besides watching tv and reading. I am a true introvert, and I feel at peace doing nothing besides being in a room and doing the things I need to do. I am incredibly bored lately. I’m not quite used to sitting around in a state I know nothing about except for the college I go to. Hence, this is the reason why being here is driving me insane. Hopefully, this summer intense semester comes soon. Only 3 more days, thank god.

Night check-in:

Tonight is one of those nights I want to think and overthink things. Is he right for me? Am I going to be happy with him? Do I really want to finish college studying this? Could I be doing something better with my life?…. Yeah overthinking before going to bed is not a great idea!

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