Sunday’s Life Today (05-17-16)

Today Sunday, May 15, 2016

I hate this Sunday, but also, I love the fact it’s this Sunday. Tomorrow, it will be the start of my May Term . It is a course that is required in the month of May to graduate from Roanoke College, which is my lovely college I go to. I will be taking a course called The Psychology of Consciousness. If you are thinking about a psychology, Roanoke College is a great one. This is the only reason I am still at the school.

Also, if you haven’t check my two other pages Music Obsessions and Current Makeup Look, you should definitely do that. I am definitely going to update my Music Obsessions as often as me finding music. That is about every Friday. In my Music Obsessions , there is this song called No Fear by Greyson Chance.

This song is definitely on repeat as I am stressing about my upcoming 9-4 class Monday thru Friday.

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