He shouldn’t even matter.

To the brokenhearted girls like me,

I know you probably spent many nights and days thinking about him. You probably even wasted all your time on the emotions you feel because of what he did to you. Even more, you probably sat there thinking that he was the one. Let me tell you this. He is definitely isn’t the one for you. If he is willing to let you go, he shouldn’t even matter.

Girl, I don’t know who you are and I have no clue what you’ve been through. I can say for fact that you shouldn’t be dealing with that dude. He isn’t worth your time. I can even promise you that he isn’t feeling anything right now about what’s happening. If he isn’t making the effort when he is with you, he definitely isn’t trying to make the effort to care about you now.

One thing I’ve learned from my three-year relationship is that your dignity is the only thing you’re losing by being with that jerk. I get the fact you don’t want to leave him after spending so much time loving him. I get totally if you don’t want to leave him because your family loves him. I get that you have so many good memories that it is hard to see pass that. I get that you feel like your heart won’t be the same if it isn’t him. I get that you don’t think anything will be the same if he is gone. I get that you will challenge your heart for worse at the moment.


That’s only for a moment. That piece of shit wasn’t even worth the love you were giving him. No one is worth your time if they are willing to dump, reject, or kick you the curve for someone else. You could do better. You’re sitting here dwelling on a child. Yes, there are very good reasons to leave a relationship, but if he is blaming you or making you feel horrible about yourself, then leave all that behind. Go get ice cream, chocolate, and watch a few great movies. I could recommend you some. Just don’t sit there and waste your life away.

When he realizes that you were out of his league or that you could be one of the best things that happen to him, he will be sad. He won’t just be sad. He will be dwelling way harder than you are at this very moment. He will miss you so much that he has to waste away with many girls. OR. He will miss you and try to get you back. Either way, he is missing you. He is going to worry about who is loving you. He is going to worry about who is it now that you’re giving that time to. He is going to worry about “if it ain’t me”. He will worry and try to compare himself to that. He will ALWAYS be thinking about you.


You will find another MAN, actually a real man. You will be with someone who matters. Someone will be there for you who will ACTUAL show you and tell you how much you’re worth. There is no need to give somoene who doesn’t appreciate you a chance. I can promise you that your low self-esteem that he created will go away. Just try online dating for a week and you will realize you are something great to someone. Someone out there wants you. Even if you don’t get with any of them, you will know that you have something to offer to someone.

Now, I know you’re sitting here just second guessing everything I just verified based on my experience, but you know he isn’t the one. Don’t give him the pride and confidence of getting to break your heart like that. Leave him behind. He is a child, and you need a real PERSON, an actual decent person.

Now, I don’t mean to attack men in this, but you guys who had bitches of ex-girlfirends. They don’t deserve you. You deserve to also be loved and cared for as much as anyone else. I don’t want you to sit here and dwell on that piece of shit whether it’s a he or her. Just leave him or her in the past. You can do better. They don’t even matter.

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