I am happy you’re happy.

At the end of the day, a break up sucks. You cry a little that things aren’t happening the way you want it. You may even drag yourself into more heartbreak by holding onto something that isn’t there. Even more, you have the most annoying clouded view of the relationship until you move on.

From my share of experiences, I think the best way to move on is actually to be with someone else after you understand you’re worth being loved. It is the hardest part to disconnect yourself to the person you have spent so much time and energy on, but at this point, that ONE person isn’t worth any of that anymore. Here’s how I see it. Once you have picked up all the broken pieces, you learn that you have a life outside of them. Once you realize that, you can understand that someone else would appreciate everything you have to give them. You pick your own happiness. Once you pick your own happiness, you will understand that your ex should be happy whether it be with you or not.

You should be happy for them and wish them the best. Just because they have screwed you over and everything, you deep down have some feelings of hope for them. With that hope, you should hope that love and happiness is their life now. That’s all we are really looking for at the end of the day. We all want to be love and happy. So wish that bastard or bitch happiness because you and whomever will be happy.


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