Tinder Date: Does he like me?

It’s been a long day. You’re sitting on your bed with probably not the best foods out there, or not. You’re relaxing and strolling through your phone. You’re looking at all those social media platforms and even those texts you’ve had all day. But then, you noticed the cute guy you met from Tinder hasn’t texted you. You’re going through all the signs and dates to figure out he has any interest in you. You’re questioning every minute you two spent together, but you can’t decipher what is the truth. Well, let me help you with that.

  1. There is a good chance that he is interested in you if he tries or initiates conversations with you. I think this is self-explanatory. When someone likes someone or interested in the other person, they would message that person. Now, I am not saying that if he is responding to your text messages that he likes you. I think if he is actually making conversation, asking questions, and even initiating the conversations that he is pretty into you.
  2. If he uses emojis, then he probably likes you. I have a lot of guy best friends, and one thing I do notice a lot is that they DON’T use emojis. The ones that do are the ones who are interested in me or they think of me as hot (or something more than friends whether that is for sexual purposes or actual romantic way). As a disclaimer, not every guy who uses emojis likes you for the right reasons. I am just saying that if they are using emojis there is higher chance he is trying to flirt or give off a light-hearted fill to the conversation.
  3. During the dates, if he didn’t look at his phone often or at all, there is higher chance that he is into you. Guys who focus on other things than you on those dates are jerks because they find other things more interesting than you. Unless you two were an heated moment and wanted to check facts, then I wouldn’t see why he would be on his phone. It’s a different story if you’re equally on the phone the entire date, but if you aren’t, then he isn’t that interested in you. It’s hard to completely focus on one thing while on some technological device. Odds are he isn’t that interested. If he isn’t on his phone or anything, he probably actually wants to listen to you. That’s hot. It should be a GREAT sign that he cares about what you’re talking about. It’s definitely a sign that he is into you.
  4. During the date, he has tons of eye contact. One of the things I did learn in social psychology and interpersonal relationship classes is that we look at things we are attracted to. If on those dates he is looking at you a lot and can’t take his eyes off of you, then he probably really into you. That’s a good thing. He thinks you’re attractive. What’s so bad about that? I think it’s really romantic when I’m on a date with someone and they are looking deep into my eyes while I ramble on about candy.
  5. If he is texting you at normal hours or just randomly, odds are that he is into you. It could be mistaken that he is just texting you for hook up when it’s pass 10 p.m. at night, but honestly, if he is texting you at 5 p.m. the same way, then he probably likes talking to you. I know that a lot of people on the internet claim that he only texting you for sexual reasons at night. But if you’re like at the age of 21 or older, there are a lot of people who just work double shifts or even work late shifts. It’s definitely for sexual reasons if the person is texting you only at 10 p.m when they do. You shouldn’t text that person back if they’re doing that. But if they are texting you just at random times of the day (keep in mind the type of person they are too), they are just texting you when they have the time to or when they looked at their phone.
  6. If he complimenting you, then he is probably into you or just a nice guy. If after your date with him he has started to compliment you, then he is into you. Seeing you in person and sending more time with you has definitely build up levels of inferences about you. He probably picked up some of your cute habits and understand more of the way you think. Plus, he would also noticed qualities about your personality that makes you great. He might start to find you even more attractive than when the date had happened.
  7.  If the type of conversations isn’t about sex and actually about normal things, then he is probably into you for more than just sex. I think this is pretty obvious. When you have interest in someone whether for a friendship or relationship, you would want to get to know the person. It’s not just about sex. If the person is just texting about normal things, then they are wanting to know more about you than what’s physical attractive. That’s a good thing. This doesn’t mean they want a relationship, but they actually like your personality. This could also mean they are nice person.
  8. If he willing to see where things go and be organic about the relationship, then odds are that he is willing to patient with you.  It doesn’t mean that he is so into you, but it does show some interest. If he is that willing to see where things go, then he open to being with you. He can see something, but at the moment, he isn’t really sure. You could help this by showing some interest back! For sure, if he is willing to see where things go, this is a good sign that he enjoyed the time spent with you.
  9. One of the biggest signs is that he wants to see you again. What else would be a great sign if someone likes you? At this point, you should just know he does because no one wants to be somewhere they feel uncomfortable with

Here are a few things I found in guys who has showed interested in me after the first date. I think in everyone’s situations you should just flat out ask them about their interest. If the person is worth their time, they will be honest. Plus, you will be able to find better things that’s worth your time. Just because this person doesn’t match up all those signs, they could possibly like you. These are just my signs, and from my experience, every single person has their own signs. I would just ask the person if they are interested. It’s the best way to get the answer so you don’t have to stress too much about it.

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