Why Jake and Lainey from Sleeping With Other People is relationship goals?

If you like movies like Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached, Sleeping with Other People should be added to your list.

Sleeping with Other People is about a guy and a girl who went to Columbia together. They lost their virginity to each other. Years later, the guy is a compulsive cheater, and while the girl is addicted to love. Because of their lives, they both decide to attend sex addicts group in town. After running into each other, they rekindle their connection into a friendship that is merely emotional and nothing sexual. 

I am a huge romance movie fan. I am pretty much just a fan of love. In this last month, I have been watching a lot of movies. Out of my random search of movies, I came across this movie, Sleeping with Other People. I think there are plenty of romantic movies that could be your favorite, and those become your favorite since the couples are “relationship goals.” Jake and Lainey are relatable characters. Besides the fact I could see them in my late 20’s as actually people, their love story ends with each other. They demonstrate that if you were meant to be with a person, then it will happen on its own time. Anyways, I would like to list out my reasons why this couple is relationships goals.

  1. Jake and Lainey is a couple who speaks the same language with each other. They are each other support system throughout the movie. Even when the two met each other, the chemistry was there between the two. It was quite charming how normal the couple was. Even the whole friendship that grew into love, that’s something that happens to normal couples who speak the same language. We all hope to fall in love with the person who is our best friend in life. Jake and Lainey become that for each other in a more natural way than most other romantic couples.
  2. For two people who are addicted to love (sex or actual romance),  they displayed a romance that was developed through intimacy (not sex) and disclosure. The plot of the movie surrounds itself around two people who are addicted to certain forms of love, whether it be sexual or connectedness of being another person. For anyone who has been sexual or been in a meaningful relationship, it is not hard to relate to the idea of addiction to both of these things. It is interesting to see that these two people went against everything they know they do in a typical relationship with each other.
  3. They have the type of chemistry that you hope to have with your significant other. I think most of us wants a partner who is a true partner in life. In a way, Jake and Lainey had that. They were there for each other through the rough and good times. Not only that, they already had sex with each other, and so, you know they had that kind of chemistry going on. I think that’s one thing that can’t be calculated in a relationship. It’s there or isn’t. There is no mystery to it.
  4. Plenty of their other relationships focused on how it felt sexually to be together, but their relationship with each other surrounded the platonic aspects of a relationship. One of the most important things about this romance was the emphasis on how physical relationships may seem important in the now. However, over time, the emotion-based relationship sustain much longer than the other relationships in the movie.

Part of the reason this is one of my favorite romantic comedies is the connection is more relatable than many other relationships I’ve seen transform into a movie. Lainey is someone I can self-identity with, and I am sure there are plenty of girls out there who search out for relationships to get the closeness of the idea of love. Jake is someone I could see myself having a great time with and actually being in friend-zone relationship with. I just imagine this kind of romance to happen more likely than The Notebook or A Walk to Remember. That is my main reason why this couple should be more goals than those relationships.



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